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My goal is to increase your revenue by a wide margin from what you invest my services. Smart business people understand that the more invested, the higher multiplier of return. While some clients prefer hourly charges, most gravitate towards a flat fee per each deliverable, which can be more cost effective.  After thoroughly discussing what kind of results my clients would like to achieve, I can provide an overview of timelines and scope of work.  Digesting a concept or strategy can take clients a week or two to settle on, before proceeding further.  This is normal.

On the other hand, there are times that a client will come to me with an emergency and I do my best to work around the clock to meet your needs.


As with any discovery process, I charge a fee of $150 consultation fee per hour.  Shortly after that a reasonable flat rate can be estimated and established.  This can be taken in steps for each required deliverable.

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