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In June 2019, I was recruited to rebrand an entire company, providing for their entire branding and marketing needs. 


The first step was to brand the company with an iconic logo.  I strongly believe in incorporating a graphic representation of the industry whenever possible. In this case, a key figure in the company had a basic black and white symbol which I turned into a 3D image and combined with an outdated previous logo. Over the course of several weeks of variations and feedback, the client settled on the shield with the transformer embedded, as though a coat-of-arms.

The basics of good salesmanship is to identify an industry's problem and then present them with a solution.  In the case of Sentry-GSI, they had designed a revolutionary device that actually prevents large electrical transformers from exploding, saving entire communities from lengthy power outages. Although the mechanics of their device is fairly simple, it needed to be explained very realistically in terms of how it installs and operates easily and more importantly presenting the fiery catastrophe if it is not installed.  Since existing footage of transformers exploding are extremely rare and such poor quality, I had to create a series of 3D animations along with writing the scripts, that demonstrated the need to buy their product.  A picture is worth a 1,000 words and video 30,000.  It is by far the most effective tool of communication today.

Building around the information the teaser video presents, I created an easy to navigate website that is distinctively appealing compared to other industry websites that are typically dry and more akin to trying to decipher a blueprint.  Complimentary color palettes, written copy and well-researched photographs all had to work together effectively without presenting too or too little information.

Finally, now that this had all been built, it needed to easily discovered by those in need of their product.  Within 2 weeks of the launch on the web, I was able to get Sentry-DS to the top competing spots on Google search results.

See here: SENTRY GSI



What did it take to create the #1 earning machine in the industry?

When a failing ticket-redemption game manufacturing company contact me, I interviewed dozens of their employees and deeply researched their industry.  To save the company, it needed an immediate new direction on 2 fronts that required a deeper involvement in the company's operations, well beyond marketing.


I brought in new management and introduced creative designers and processes from my connections in the movie and theme-park industry.  The company had no real system for tracking parts and so I implemented a tracking system that  would help them avoid the production line from shutting down again from lack of parts.  Drastic but necessary recommendations were made. Some positions had to be reluctantly eliminated, as otherwise the company would have to close, putting hundreds of others out of work.

But the most important factor was being able to identify and capitalize on a new craze that was about to hit the world.  Dinosaurs.  My inside sources told me that a super secret new movie was underway by Steven Spielberg, called Jurassic Park. I knew it would be hit.  I then set in motion the development of a new dinosaur-themed machine called DINOSCORE which would be ready for shipping just after the movie premiered.  To save development costs, I took an  existing machine of a different theme and gave it a facelift, introducing new processes of vacu-forming and mold making. I hired several student artists recommended to me from The Pasadena Art Center and this machine became an instant hit.  A half dozen variations of this machine can still be found in arcades all over the USA.    

Dinoscore green.jpg
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