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Jeff is a multi-award winning director, cinematographer and editor. He grew up in a family-run printing business designing, but worked his way into Hollywood at 21. He's accumulated over 25 years experience in national advertising, TV and Academy Award-winning movies.

Jeff has worked with ABC, CBS, NBC, WB, UPN, CAROLCO, DISNEY, SONY, MGM, 20th CENTURY FOX, PARAMOUNT, and UNIVERSAL among many others and and numerous DISNEY CHANNEL series and movies. He worked as an Executive Producer with such clients as JWT, LOWE, Y&R, BATES, BBDO, Leo Burnett LEO BURNETT, OGILVY & MATHER and TBWA.

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He set-up and ran several production and post-production companies in Los Angeles. He has produced, directed and edited for top infomercial producers such as Peter Bieler, Patrick Raymond and Richard Allen who acquired the Ronco empire.

Jeff has directed a variety of commercials including Doritos (2), Smirnoff, Electrolux, AT&T and virals such as Love Power Up. He created a 15 minute museum theater presentation for billionaire Peter Mullin's private automotive museum in Oxnard CA.

His feature film Bottom Feeders Inc. won Best Cinematography at the Huntington Beach Int'l Festival. His comedy video Time Warp News Report generated more than 3 times its investment in the home video market.

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His feature film Bottom Feeders Inc. won Best Cinematography at the Huntington Beach Int'l Festival.

He won Best Director at the 2010 StayTunedTV Awards in Burbank California for the awarding winning sci fi noir vfx series Dead End City starring Gary Graham (Star Trek: Enterprise, Alien Nation).

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He is responsible for inspiring iconic movie marketing key art such as the Scream movie poster.


During 2012-13 he has been directing commercials in South Asia and He also directed, shot and edited all the promo's for Chef Martin Yan's, Taste of Vietnam (Yan Can Cook).


He shares in the achievement of Academy Awards for special/visual effects for numerous movies and TV shows. He was a VFX supervisor on Terminator II and also worked on THE ABYSS. He has created visual effects for I ROBOT, BLADE 3, 50 FIRST DATES, ANCHORMAN, SPIDERMAN II, MR. & MRS. SMITH, FANTASTIC 4 and LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD among numerous others. Jeff has worked on TV shows including STAR TREK ENTERPRISE, GILMORE GIRLS, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE and he supervised 4 episodes of Disney's NO ORDINARY FAMILY TV show in 2011 running on the ABC TV network, with episodes budgeted at $3.5 million each.


Jeff is heavily quoted in The Green Screen Handbook and his production Dead End City appears on the cover.

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