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Your company's revenue is heavily depending on you to accomplish the impossible on a limited marketing budget. Top creatives in the marketing world are hard to find and retaining this level of employee requires highly competitive rates. Engaging a large, expensive advertising agency also might not be an option.



As an Emmy Award-winning Creative Marketing Consultant, I take charge as the architect of your entire marketing strategy.  Where others just create a website and submit to search engines, I brand your company culminating in a comprehensive, ongoing video marketing campaign that proactively propels your company's revenue higher and higher.  


I can double or triple the effectiveness of your marketing budget by replacing marketing companies that come with massive overhead. 

"Video is 80% of web traffic today."

                                                               ~ Forbes

I produce what TV stations and most small agencies cannot.

I create and market memorable viral video campaigns that only cost you a fraction of what TV does, because you only spend to reach the customers that are most likely to buy from you.

Video, movie, cinema concept. Retro came

Whether humorous....

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I have worked over 26 years in Hollywood in advertising, TV and on Academy Award-winning movies. I've consulted to top agencies in the world such as BBDO, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy & Mather and TBWA.   I won an Emmy for Best Promotion in 2016 and was nominated twice again in 2017.  

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...or serious industry


Courtesy Sentry Global Solutions Inc.


While my specialty is creating memorable, humorous video spots, I am comprehensively experienced across a broad range of industries and mediums.  

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